A New Beginning

From Daedalic Entertainment, the makers of The Whispered World, comes a new, thrilling adventure: A New Beginning takes you to a dark and frightening vision of a future, where a global climate catastrophe threatens the existence of humanity. As part of a team sent 500 years back to our time, you are tasked with changing the course of history and preventing climate chaos from ravaging the planet. But the mission does not go according to plan…


09.10.2013: A New Beginning available on Mac App Store

Great news for all Mac users: A New Beginning is now available on Mac App Store! As climate change is still a topical issue, A New Beginning remains relevant – and fun to play.
Adventure-enthusiasts on Mac can get their fix by following this link.

12.12.2012: A New Beginning - Final Cut now available on Steam

Finally the time has come! One of our best games is getting even better. A New Beginning - Final Cut is now available on Steam. The Final Cut comes with 28 Achievements on Steam. Additionally now all Apple disciples can enjoy A New Beginning now on their Macs. And A New Beginning is getting more international: There are now 7 Localizations. German, English, French and Russian is included fully localized and you can add Italian, Spanish and Polish subtitles. Last but not least we were able to make the Final Cut more stabilized and a lot of bugs and errors just left our universe forever. Like I wrote in the first sentences: A New Beginning is getting better with the Final Cut Version.

04.12.2012: A New Beginning is still up to date!

In A New Beginning politicians and the energy industry discuss the future of energy generation and nuclear power in Oslo. A similar discussion is taking place right now in Qatar, where  the UN climate conference is underway until December 7th. So, A New Beginning is up to date more than ever during these days. And probably things will change the week after the climate conference...